Affirmative Action

Disability Accommodation Policy For ISU



  1. Procedures and forms for requesting accommodation by employees or applicants can be found at; students should contact Disabled Student Services, Gillum Hall 204A, 237-2301 or

  2. The President's Commission for Enhancement of Diversity Resources (PCEDR) shall act as an advisory committee to the Office of Diversity & Affirmative Action regarding both students and employees and diversity issues relating thereto. The Commission shall include, as part of its purpose, identifying campus wide concerns relating to disabilities and making recommendations regarding policy, procedures and problem resolution related to disability issues.

  3. Applicants, employees or students who believe that they may have been subjected to discrimination on the basis of disability in any campus program, activity or service should contact: The Office of Diversity & Affirmative Action, 510 Erickson Hall, 812-237-2877

  4. Disabled Student Services (DSS), as part of Student Academic Support Services, shall maintain data on the nature and extent of the services provided to students with disabilities. Disabled Student Services will develop data collection requirements as part of the operational guidelines for implementing this policy.

  5. ISU Office of Diversity & Affirmative Action (ODAA) shall be responsible for receiving complaints alleging any action that would violate Title II of the ADA or Section 504. Complaints will be handled under the "Campus Procedures for Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Complaints".

  6. ODAA and DSS shall provide periodic in-service training for faculty and staff to develop their awareness and understanding of the needs of individuals with disabilities and legal compliance issues. Departments can request training from the ODAA or DSS. The Benefits Office will house the formal medical records and information for its employees requesting FMLA or disability accommodation.

  7. Each semester, all teachers and advisors should inform their students and advisees where they may obtain information about services available to those who have, or believe they have, a disability that may need accommodation.

  8. The institution can accommodate only known disabilities.