Council on Inclusive Excellence

President's charge

In October of 2008, President Daniel J. Bradley constituted a Diversity Council (now the Council on Inclusive Excellence) and charged them to:

  • Assist in the development of policy related to diversity issues, the appeal of affirmative action complaints, and dispositions
  • Develop recommendations to promote and maintain cultural and gender diversity among ISU employees and across positional levels
  • Develop recommendations to promote recruitment and retention of minority students
  • Be in compliance with Indiana Statute 21-27-5-4 requirements for such committees at Indiana’s public institutions of higher education
  • Prepare and submit annual reports of findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the Board of Trustees

The 30 members of the Council represent a broad cross-section of the university community (graduate and undergraduate students, alumni, faculty, and exempt and non-exempt staff) and representatives from the Terre Haute community.

Inclusive Excellence

To be inclusively excellent means going beyond diversity as a representativeness exercise to one that also routinely examines and addresses where organizational cultures, structures, policies, and practices impact equity and belonging for the members of a community.

Responsibilities of a Council member are to:

  • Attend regularly scheduled monthly Council meetings
  • Attend the annual retreat
  • Serve on a sub-committee which may require additional meetings and/or conference calls
  • Serve, if selected, on the Appeals Committee in cases of Appeal Decisions Regarding Discrimination Complaints (faculty and staff only)
  • Serve as a change agent to improve the organizational and community culture
  • Support ISU’s efforts to enhance and promote diversity in the workplace, the classroom, and the Terre Haute community
  • Develop and support initiatives aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion
  • As a Council, we:
    • Review ISU’s programs, policies, and initiatives as they relate to diversity, including strategic action plans, reports, and policy statements, and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees in support of diversity in the workplace and in the classroom
    • Ensure diversity is considered in strategic management initiatives and that strategic planning is aligned with diversity management objectives
    • Provide advice and consultation to the Board of Trustees, the Equal Opportunity Officer, and Human Resources on the development and implementation of ISU’s diversity plan initiatives, including:
      • supporting equal access to employment, training, and educational opportunities
      • improving understanding of cultural characteristics and differences within the workforce and classroom
      • coordinating organizational assessments
      • supporting leadership development in the area of diversity recruitment, retention, and management