Music Business

This course will serve several experiential and substantive learning purposes: it will expose students to business principles that permeate all aspects of today's music/entertainment industry and it will allow students some hands-on experience in producing music events and in producing real recordings. The course will touch on aspects such as artist management, the record industry, music publishing, concert promotion, and music retail/merchandising. Numerous examples and exercises will be engaged to demonstrate, through recordings, movies, television, advertising, books, and the Internet, how music and music business aspects pervade our lives every day. In doing so, it will help students explore career options in the music/entertainment industry. It will also allow the opportunity to introduce to Indiana State University's Music Business Program and its viability as a degree program option at the University. As a new component this year, music industry concepts and trends will be spotlighted as the platform to meet, address, and develop problem-solving strategies for new problems in business and society, such as: how to meld technology (digital delivery and distribution, social media) and an increasingly segmented society of music consumers with time-honored concepts of supply and demand, and how to find the new balance between artistic freedom, expression, and the need to make a living from one's creations, with consumers' unquenchable thirst for that which is newest, freshest, quickest, and cheapest.

Mr. Theodore Piechocinski, Associate Prof & Director of the Music Business Program
School of Music
Indiana State University