Lindsey Cowan, Honors Peer Mentor

Lindsey Cowan, Honors Peer Mentor

Hometown: Hinckley, IL.
Major: Exercise Science
What do you like most about being an Honors student?

I love the fact that I am motivated to do my best on all of my assignments. I am surrounded by a group a people with very similar goals to mine, and we can all work together and encourage each other which made the transition into college much smoother. The Honors Program has such a great sense of community, and I feel like I am making a difference with my involvement in the program. Furthermore, I have been provided with many opportunities that otherwise would not have been made available which has allowed me to get the most out of my first year at Indiana State University. 

Leadership and involvement at STATE:

Aside from being an Honors Peer Mentor and member of the Honors Program, I recently got a job as a personal trainer at the Rec Center. I am so excited to be able to work with a great group of people at the Rec, and I cannot wait to start in the fall. Furthermore, I also stay busy with being involved in my sorority. Greek life provides a great sense of belonging and community, and I am so glad I get to be a part of it. Overall, becoming involved on campus was definitely one of the smartest decisions I ever made. 

What advice do you have for incoming Honors students?

I know that coming to college is an extremely overwhelming experience, but I strongly suggest going outside of your comfort zone and becoming involved in many different organizations. You will gain very helpful experience, and it will help you get the most out of your four years here at ISU. I also highly recommend staying accountable and trying your best on all of your assignments because classes are structured differently than high school and good grades come from remaining reliable. I cannot wait to see everyone in the fall!