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Indiana Core 40

Listed below are courses included in the Indiana Core 40 curriculum.

  1. Language Arts.  Eight credits in literature, composition, speech.
  2. Mathematics.  Six to eight credits from Algebra I and II, geometry, trigonometry, calculus.
  3. Science.  Six credits in laboratory science divided as follows:
    : Two credits--biology
    : Two credits--chemistry or physics
    : Two credits--advanced biology, chemistry, physics, or earth/space science
  4. Social Sciences.  Six credits as follows:
    : Two credits--U.S. history
    : One credit--U.S. government
    : One credit--economics
    : One credit--world history and/or geography
    : One additional course from above or other social studies areas
  5. Directed Electives.  Eight credits of additional courses in the above subject areas or courses in computer applications, fine arts, foreign languages, or a technical career area.
  6. Physical Education.  One credit (two semesters).
  7. Health / Safety.  One credit (one semesters)
  8. Electives.  Two to four more credits from any courses offered at the high school.

Last updated: 17 June 2013