frequently asked questions

At the beginning of each semester,  the front counter receives various questions from students. For example, students frequently ask for the location of their classes or a specific classroom.

Students are encouraged to contact us with any questions they may have. However, the most frequently asked questions are listed below.

1. Who is my advisor?

The administrative assistant can provide you with your advisor’s name. The name of your advisor is also on your DARS.

2. What are a certain instructor’s office hours?

Professors' office hours are posted on their office doors.

3. Where is their office?

Direct student to the office.

4. Can I get my PIN?

Your advisor has your pin. If you have Junior status, you don’t need a PIN.

5. How do I change or declare my major?

Change of Major form

6. How do I change colleges?

Front desk has form to use.

7. When is the last day to drop/add?

Contact the Registrar’s Office.

8. Where do I get a drop/add form?

The front desk has drop/add forms.

9. Can I change sections?

Yes, if approved by both instructors.

10. Where do I turn in my shot records?

Student Health Center

11. Is this class going to be offered next semester?

Front desk will check next semester schedule, if available, for answer.  Dynamic Schedule.

12. Can I get into HLTH 340?

Only by permission of the instructor, and if classroom is not full.

13. Can I get into HLTH 111?

Only by permission of the instructor, and if classroom is not full.

14. Can I put this paper in my instructor’s mailbox? Where is it?

Front desk can carry out this task or direct student to mailbox.

15. Can I get a copy of my DARS?

Yes. Your advisor or the front desk can get it for you. Be sure to have your ID ready.

16. What is the phone number for

Frequently used Department and ISU contacts:

Faculty and Staff information

Undergraduate Admissions
John W. Moore Welcome Center
318 North Sixth Street
Terre Haute, Indiana, USA 47809-1904

Graduate Admissions Office
TH 183

College Dean’s Office
A C-31   812.237.3113  or 
NU 412   812.237.3683

Office of the Controller
PH 100

Office of Financial Aid
TH 150

Student Health Center
812.237.7955 FAX

Information Line - Closing/Delays

Department of Public Safety
Emergency - 911
Non Emergency - 812.237.5555
Traffic & Parking - 812.237.8888

Office of Registration & Records
PH 009