food and nutrition club


It is the mission of the Food and Nutrition Student Organization to promote nutritional awareness within the University community, provide mentoring opportunities and peer guidance, and enhance professionalism among student members of various disciplines within the Department of Applied Health Sciences.


The organization embraces all students who have an interest in Food and Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Service Management.  Our goal is to provide peer guidance within the department through various interactive activities, presentation, and fundraising events. 

Freshmen and international students will be able to befriend faculty, staff members, and existing students, which will contribute to the friendly, enthusiastic, and positive atmosphere within the Department of Applied Health Sciences.

We sponsor food and nutrition outreach programs to other ISU students, providing general and recent information beneficial to a student’s lifestyle.  The Food and Nutrition Organization will also cooperate with other departments, disciplines, and professionals in the community in a combined effort to enhance professionalism among our members. 

We hope to provide our members with the opportunity to gain an understanding about their profession and help prepare them for their future ahead.



Dues and Policies