Prerequisites (Print version)

Prerequisite Coursework:

        ·    Biological Sciences (6 credit hours minimum)

             o   Human Anatomy with Lab  (equivalent to ISU BIO 231 & Lab or ATTR 210 & Lab)

             o   Physiology with Lab (equivalent to ISU BIO 241 & Lab or PE 220 & Lab)

        ·    Statistics (3 credit hours)

             o   Statistics (equivalent to ISU AHS 340)

        ·    Medical Terminology (1-3 Credit hours)

             o   Medical Terminology (equivalent to ISU ATTR 225)

        ·    Ethics (3 Credit hours)

             o   Ethics (Equivalent to ISU PHIL 201)

        ·    Behavioral Sciences

             o   General Psychology (equivalent to ISU PSY 101)

             o   Life Span Psychology (equivalent to ISU EPSY 221 or PSY 266)

             o   Abnormal Psychology (equivalent to ISU PSY 368)

             o   Sociology or Anthropology (equivalent to ISU SOC 101)

        *If coursework was completed at an intuition other than Indiana State University, please use Transfer Central at to determine course equivalencies. We are aware that other courses may meet prerequisite course requirements. If you are unable to determine if a course meets prerequisite requirements after visiting the ISU website. Please submit a petition form to the Admissions Coordinator for Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation The request will subsequently be reviewed by the OT Admissions Committee.