Doctor of Physical Therapy - Goals

Graduates of the Indiana State University Doctor of Physical Therapy program will be prepared to provide competent healthcare through having the skills needed to effectively examine, evaluate, diagnose, and provide appropriate interventions for clients with all levels of physical impairments. The specific degree objectives include:

  • critical thinking knowledge in the areas of biological, behavioral, and clinical sciences that allow for clinical decision making;

  • the ability to demonstrate professional and ethical behavior;

  • skills needed to provide guidance and intervention in the promotion of wellness, health promotion, and enhancement of physical performance to local communities including the rural and underserved;

  • the ability to provide safe and effective standards of care to diverse populations;

  • effective communication skills, both oral and written, for clear interaction with clients, families, colleagues, and the general public;

  • skills needed to plan and execute research, disseminate research findings, and critically evaluate professional literature to apply and promote evidence-based practice; and

  • continuing personal and professional growth to maintain professionalism, advance career development and contribute to the development of the profession.