Prerequisite Coursework (Print Version)

Prerequisite coursework must be completed within the past 7 years or must be retaken.
*If coursework was completed at an institution other than Indiana State University, please use Transfer Central at to determine course equivalencies.

Prerequisite coursework. All prerequisite coursework must obtain a C+ or higher in order to be accepted. Applicants are encouraged to complete the prerequisite courses prior to submitting the online application for admission. Please note that prospective students may submit an application while enrolled in one of the prerequisites, but the course must be completed prior to starting the physician assistant program and all courses must be completed within the past 7 years. A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university is required for admission into the program.* The degree can be in any field; however, coursework must include (either as part of the degree requirements or in addition to the requirements) the following pre-requisites:

Human Anatomy
with lab
(ISU Equivalency: ATTR 210 and 210L or BIO 231 and BIO 231L)

 Human Physiology with lab
(ISU Equivalency: BIO 241 and 241L or PE 220 and PE 220L)

 Microbiology with lab
(ISU Equivalency: BIO 274 and BIO 274L or BIO 374 and BIO 374L)

 Organic Chemistry I with lab
(ISU Equivalency: CHEM 351 and CHEM 351L)

Organic Chemistry II
with lab
(ISU Equivalency: CHEM 352 and CHEM 352L)

(ISU Equivalency: HLTH 340 or MATH 241 or BIO 485)

Medical Terminology
(ISU Equivalency: ATTR 225)

Two upper level
Biological Sciences**
(Suggested ISU Equivalency: BIO 380, BIO 403, BIO 408 (L), BIO 412, PE 381)
**This is not an exhaustive list; rather a suggested list. Other courses may qualify. Please submit course syllabus to the program for equivalency requests.