General Information

Post-Professional Athletic Training Program - Graduate Education

Indiana State University’s PP-ATEP has a long standing history of excellence in Athletic Training. As the profession has evolved over the years, we have worked to create a program that has adapted with the new age of medicine and to produce leaders in scholarly practice. Our program strengths include our foci on evidence based medicine and clinical teaching, the facilitation of professional growth through clinical course work, and the production of scholarship in the profession through our points of distinctiveness: education and leadership, integrative health care, and clinical outcomes research.

Indiana State University provides a Master of Science degree in Athletic Training in 37 credits over 4 traditional semesters. Characteristics of the program:

  • Graduation rate of 83% (2009-2013) within 2 years (average time to completion = 21.9±4.2 months)

  • 37 published manuscripts/abstracts and/or presentations since 2009

  • 19 assistantships (8 positions OPEN in 2015)

    • $11,150 Annual Stipend

    • Tuition support up to $12,204 annually

    • Open positions may include ISU Baseball, Track and Field, Men’s Basketball, Physical Therapy and Sport Rehabilitation Clinic and various Indiana and Illinois High Schools

    •      Accreditation Status:
      • Continuing Accreditation (2019-2020)

The Program is directed by Dr. Lindsey Eberman, Associate Professor. Please feel free to contact Dr. Eberman with any questions you may have.