Nursing Education

Tara Matteson Heglund

Tara Matteson Heglund, MS '12 RN IBCLC

"The faculty of the nursing education program have really helped me develop into the nurse educator that I am today. Following the completion of the program in the fall of 2012, I was able to submit an article for publication. Without the support and guidance from the faculty, I would have never had the amazing opportunity of publishing the beginning steps to an evidence-based practice issue and speak at a conference about the experience. I was so proud to become a graduate of ISU when I received my MS with a concentration in Nursing Education degree in December of 2012. This accomplishment has allotted me the opportunities to grow as an educator and nurse in ways that I never imagined. I also feel honored to call the faculty that I learned so much from in my three years, colleagues. I am now able to share the knowledge, insight, and passion that I gained from attending this program with the future nurses and nurse educators of tomorrow."

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The graduate of the nursing education concentration is prepared to design, provide, and evaluate educational offerings as nurse faculty for university nursing programs, healthcare settings, community groups, and secondary education health career courses.

As leaders in nursing education, research, and community engagement, our faculty has a collective vision to nurture innovation as we chart our path for the future. Our primary goal is to support you in becoming an integral part of our learning community, to address society’s need for caring, knowledgeable, and scientifically well-prepared, nurse professionals.

In the nursing education concentration, we will prepare you to meet the NLN certification competencies for excellence as a nurse educator. These competencies include striving for excellence as you:

In applying these skills, we will encourage you to be innovative and evidence-based in your approach to nursing education to support your students in the delivery of high quality, evidence-based nursing care.

The application deadlines for the Nursing Education Concentration are February 1 and September 1.