Accessing the Permanent Art Collection (PAC)

Annual fall exhibition in the University Art Gallery

Curatorial staff research and organize a major exhibition each fall, generally late August through September, from the Permanent Art Collection. Visit the exhibitions & events page for this year's schedule. Exhibition catalogs and group tours are available upon request.

Group Tours of PAC work on campus

Schedule a free group tour at least three weeks prior to the anticipated date. Clubs, civic groups, and college classes of ten or more people may request a tour. Available tours are:

  • Artwork in Stalker Hall – View work by internationally acclaimed Op Art artists such as Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely, Pop Art icons Claes Oldenberg and Ed Paschke (Mr. Chicago), and Italian Futurist Joseph Stella.
  • Artwork in Cunningham Memorial Library – Learn about prints by internationally renowned artists Fernand Léger and Diego Rivera, historic and contemporary landscapes by artists such as Otto Stark (Hoosier Group, early 20th c) and Marikay Peter-Witlock (contemporary Chicago artist), and sculpture and two-dimensional works in a variety of media by ISU students and emeriti art faculty.
  • Outdoor sculpture across ISU’s campus – Includes monumental steel sculptures such as Via Solaris by John Van Alstine, Runner by Doug Kornfeld, and Arthur’s Odyssey by Michael Dunbar.
  • Works Progress Administration (New Deal) – Among the works featured are images of labor and poverty, rare Social Surrealist paintings about the rise of Fascism and industrialization, and prints by and about African Americans.

Guided tours require a reservation and are subject to the availability of staff. No fee is charged for tours. Contact Grace Pringle at (812) 237-3720 with questions or to make a reservation.

School Tours of PAC work on campus

School groups may request any of the above tours. Tours are age appropriate for 4th to 12th grade students and address Indiana’s academic standards in the visual arts and Illinois’ fine arts learning standards. Curatorial staff and students will discuss the style, period, and cultural characteristics of a variety of artwork and/or analyze works based on subject matter or the elements of art and design principles.

The WPA tour will support high school social studies standards related to the Great Depression and World War II. Students will go beyond their history textbook to witness that time period through the eyes of artists who suffered the same hardships as the 15 million unemployed. Many artists became activists for fair wages and against the rise of Nazism and Communism. Click here for a full list of tours.

Tours are free. Funds for bus transportation are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

To book a tour, fill out and submit our School Tour Request Form.

Requests to research collection

Anyone may request information or access to original works for legitimate research projects. Visit the PAC Inventory page to search the database of works. Research access is limited to normal operating hours of the Permanent Art Collection and availability of curatorial staff to monitor access. A written request for access to collections or collection records must be submitted to the University Curator and must state the purpose of the inquiry.

Requests for artwork in ISU classrooms

ISU professors and adjunct instructors may request artwork from the Permanent Art Collection to enhance a lecture or seminar. Requests must be specific. The University Curator or Assistant Curator will deliver artwork to the classroom shortly before the class begins and pick up the work at the end of the time period. Curatorial staff may also be available to give a presentation about the artwork. Artwork cannot remain in the classroom beyond the class period. No more than three works may be requested at one time. Large, heavy, fragile, and high value works will not be considered. This service is also limited to the availability of curatorial staff.

Requests for reproductions

Requests for Permanent Art Collection images or documents must be in writing, and all costs will be the responsibility of the applicant. Methods of reproduction may be limited in order to protect the originals from possible damage. Confidential information will not be released.

To schedule a tour or submit a request, contact Grace Pringle at 812-237-3720 or

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