Assessment Council 2013-2014

Membership Minutes Council
Area Representative Email
College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Bassam Yousif
Scott College of Business Dr. Concetta DePaolo
Bayh College of Education Dr. Eric Hampton
College of Nursing, Health and Human Services Dr. Molly K. Hare
College of Technology Dr. Randy Peters
At-Large Faculty Dr. Kim Bodey
Dr. Liz O'Laughlin
Cunningham Memorial Library Ms. Shelley D. Arvin
Academic Affairs Dr. Susan Powers
Institutional Research Ms. Patty McClintock
Associate Deans Dr. Jerry Boyd
Dr. Yasenka Peterson
Students Mr. Logan Valentine
Ms. Sowmya Challa
Student Affairs Mr. Nolan Davis
Student Success Mr. Christopher Childs
Business Affairs Mr. Wil Downs
Enrollment Services Mr. Kristopher Rogers
Graduate and Professional Studies Dr. Troy Allen
Assessment and Accreditation Coordinator Dr. Ruth E. Cain