Student Handbook

additional Handbook information

policies, procedures, and resources

Academic Integrity
Admission Test
Application for licensure and NCLEX-RN Information PDF document
Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) FAQs and Procedure
Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for Students of Nursing and Grievance Procedure Guidelines - National Student Nurses’ Association, Inc.
Bloodborne Pathogens Policy PDF document 
B-Virtual Proctoring Policy for Distance Students pdf icon
CPR Requirement - LPN-BS and RN-BS PDF document
Cell Phone Usage PDF document
Challenge Exam Instructions PDF document
Chemically Impaired Nursing Student  PDF document
Indiana State Nurses Assistance Program PDF document
Code of Academic and Clinical Conduct - National Student Nurses’ Association, Inc. PDF document
Code of Ethics: Part II - National Student Nurses’ Association, Inc. PDF document
Code of Professional Conduct - National Student Nurses' Association, Inc. PDF document
Code of Student Conduct - ISU
College of Nursing, Health, and Human Services Student Handbook
Communicable Disease Education PDF icon
Computer Guide for Nursing
Computer Recommendations
Computer & Technical Support (OIT Help Desk)
Computing and Web Policies (University)
Contracts - Establishing a contract for your clinical
Course Failure Statement - LPN-BS and RN-BS PDF document
Criminal Background Check
Distance Student Name Pin Order Information PDF document
Drug Screen
Employment of Students PDF document
Essential Abilities Policy PDF document
FAFSA on the web
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
Grade Appeal Policy - ISU Word icon
Grievance Policy / Procedure, Student  (College of NHHS) PDF document
Honor Code PDF document
Injury/Illness Emergency Procedure PDF document
Library Services
Licensure Eligibility / Legal Limitations Notification Procedure
Learning Resources Center Procedures
Mathematics Competency & Remediation PDF document
MyISU portal
Name Pin Order Information, Distance Student PDF icon
Nursing Pin Order Information PDF icon
Personal Wireless Communication Device Policy PDF icon
Pre-Admission Testing Procedure
Preceptor Responsibilities - Students / Faculty
Professional Liability Insurance
Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN)
Safe Practice Policy pdf icon
Sexual Violence Prevention and Response
Student Code of Conduct
Student Email
Student Grade Appeal Policy Word icon
Student Grievance Policy / Procedure (College of NHHS) pdf icon
Student Health Policy - Undergraduate Distance PDF icon
Student Liability Insurance
Student Outcomes Assessment Memorandum of Understanding - LPN-BS PDF icon
Student Outcomes Assessment Memorandum of Understanding - RN-BS PDF icon
Style Manual Policy pdf icon
TEAS® Pre-admission Examination Standards PDF
TEAS® Pre-admission Examination Benchmarks for LPN-BS PDF
Test-Taking Errors - Self-Assessment PDF icon
Time Limit for Application of Credits for Nursing Courses PDF icon
Uniform Policy PDF icon


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