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UEB Ready?
A Supported Independent study

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The PASS Project in conjunction with Indiana State University is offering a 13-week training program via distance education utilizing Blackboard. Participants in the program will use Ashcroft’s Programmed Instruction: Unified English Braille (API-UEB) as a guide to learning UEB.

Throughout the course, the instructor will be available to answer questions and offer support. Participants will be expected to complete checkpoint quizzes every three weeks. Following each quiz, feedback will be provided in order to promote mastery prior to the proficiency exam taken at the end of the program. Participants who successfully pass the exam will earn a Certificate of Proficiency reflecting 30 Professional Growth Points (PGP).

This training will take place from January 19-April 17, 2015. Please note that the course is intended to be an independent study.  Participants can complete checkpoint quizzes and the proficiency exam at a quicker pace if more advanced; however, to ensure all participants are able to complete the course by April 17 all work must be submitted by the specified course deadlines.


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PATINS Tech expo
UEB Ready? Teaching the Technology

 April 23, 2015

Wyndham Indianapolis West
2544 Executive Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46241

FREE registration will be available through PATINS in January.  We hope you can join us for this well-attended annual event.