Faculty & Staff by Organization

Dean's Office

DeanBrien N. Smith
Room:  203 Scott College of Business
Phone:  812-237-2000
Fax:  812-237-7631
Admin Assistant: Ruth Rukes
Room:  202 Scott College of Business
Phone: 812-237-7699
E-mail: ruth.rukes@indstate.edu

Bruce McLaren Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs
Maria Greninger Director of External Relations Scott College of Business
and The Gongaware Center
Michelle Swick Administrative Assistant Scott College Dean's Office

Undergraduate Programs

Associate DeanBruce McLaren
Room:  124 Scott College of Business
Phone:  812-237-3606
E-mail:  bruce.mclaren@indstate.edu
Fax:  812-237-4122
Admin Assistant
Room:  124 Scott College of Business
Phone:  812-237-3606

    Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Student Services Office (USSO)

Office Suite FD124

Director: S. Allen Lindsay
Room:  124 Scott College of Business
:  812-237-2023
E-mail Allen.Lindsay@indstate.edu
Fax:  812-237-7827
Admin Assistant: Anita Adams
Room: 124 Scott College of Business
Phone: 812-237-2023

Cory Campbell Assistant Director  
    Undergraduate Student Services Office

Graduate Programs (MBA & Pro MBA)

Office suite FD112

Director:  Jeff Harper
Scott College of Business
: 812-237-2002
Fax: 812-237-8720
Admin Assistant: Charlene Berry
Room: 114 Scott College of Business
Phone: 812-237-2002
E-mail: charlene.berry@indstate.edu

Ashley Layman Assistant Director  
  MBA Website  
  Pro MBA Website  
  View MBA faculty  

Accounting, Finance, and Insurance
& Risk Management (AFIR)

Office Suite FD105

Chair Steven W. Lamb
Room:  102 Scott College of Business
Phone:  812-237-2112
Fax:  812-237-4374
E-mail steven.lamb@indstate.edu
Admin AssistantRita Hendrix
Room: 105 Scott College of Business
Phone: 812-237-2112
E-mail rita.hendrix@indstate.edu


Alan B Czyzewski Professor  
Harry E. Gallatin Full-Time Instructor  
Michael R. Harmon Professor  
Thomas D. Harris Assistant Professor  
Robert McMahan Instructor  
Susan M. Moncada Professor  
Joseph C. Sanders Professor  


Emanuel "Matt" Cohen Part-Time Lecturer  
Mahfuzul Haque Professor  
Sharon Robinson Full-Time Lecturer  
Tarek S. Zaher Professor  

Financial Services

Joe Sanders Professor  
Tarek S. Zaher Professor  

Insurance & Risk Management (IRM)

Zhiyong (John) Liu Associate Professor  
Peter J. Mikolaj Professor Emeritus  
Jin Park Associate Professor  
Jong Hyun Park Visiting Scholar  
William J. Warfel Professor  

Management, Information Systems &
Business Education (MSBE)

Office Suite FD112

Interim ChairHerschel N. Chait
Room:  113 Scott College of Business
Phone:  812-237-2086
Fax:  812-237-8720
Admin AssistantCheryl Lucas
Room:  114 Scott College of Business
Phone:  812-237-2086

Business Education (BEIT)

Mary Ellen Adams Professor Emerita  
Chia-An Chao Professor  
Linda Edwards Full-Time Lecturer  
William Wilhelm Professor  
Kelly Wilkinson Professor  


Aruna Chandra Professor  
Max E. Douglas Professor Emeritus  
Wei He Associate Professor  
Kimberly LaGrange Instructor, Director  Meis Student Development Center
David F. Robinson Associate Professor  
James J. Tanoos Part-Time Lecturer  
Rebecca Wray Lecturer Gongaware Center
Meis Student Development Center

Management Information Systems

Ayman Abuhamdieh Associate Professor  
Dennis Bialaszewski Professor  
James R. Buffington Associate Professor Emeritus  
Joseph T. Harder Associate Professor  
Jeffrey S. Harper Professor, Director Graduate & Executive Programs  
Bruce J. McLaren Associate Dean, Professor  

Marketing and Operations

Office Suite FD207

ChairPaul Schikora
Room:  208 Scott College of Business
Phone:  812-237-3365
E-mail Paul.Schikora@indstate.edu
Fax:  812-237-8129
Admin Assistant:  Karen Aue
Room: 207 Scott College of business
Phone: 812-237-3365


Sandeep Bhowmick Assistant Professor  
Newell Chiesl Professor Emeritus  
Jon M. Hawes Professor Sales & Negotiations Center
William Redmond Professor Emeritus  
Vernon Sweetin Assistant Professor  
Dale L. Varble Professor
Sara Williams Instructor  
Joyce A. Young Professor  

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Kuntal Bhattacharyya Assistant Professor  
Timothy Brunnemer Part-Time Lecturer  
Concetta DePaolo Professor  
Kenneth Jones Adjunct Instructor  
Constance H. McLaren Professor  
Paul Schikora Chair, Professor  

Gongaware Center for Insurance & Financial Services

Office Suite FD105

DirectorRebecca Wray
Room:  107 Scott College of Business
Phone:  812-237-8924
Fax:  812-237-4374
Admin Assistant: Kimberly Vanwey
Room: 105 Scott College of Business
Phone: 812-237-2442

  The Gongaware Center for Insurance and Financial Services
Maria Greninger Director of External Relations  
Gongaware Scholars Office Room: FD317, Phone: (812) 237-2377

Meis Student Development Center

Formerly Center for Student Professional Development (CSPD)

Office Suite FD133

Coordinator: Kimberly LaGrange
Room:  228 Scott College of Business
Phone: 812-237-4580
Fax: 812-237-8720
E-mail: kimberly.lagrange@indstate.edu

  Meis Student Development Center
Rebecca A. Shorter Wray Director The Gongaware Center
Sara Williams Full-Time Lecturer Marketing

Motorsports management Minor

Coordinator: Joe Harder
Room:  315 Scott College of Business
Phone: 812-237-2280
Fax: 812-237-8720
E-mail: joe.harder@indstate.edu

Joyce Young   Scott College of Business
Randy Peters   College of Technology
Kim Bodey   College of Nursing, Health, and Human Services

Networks Financial Institute

Office Suite FD105

Director: Rebecca Wray
Room: 203 Scott College of Business
Phone: 812-237-8924
Fax: 812-237-4374
E-mail: Rebecca.Wray@indstate.edu
Admin Assistant: Kim Vanwey
Room: 105
Phone: 812-237-2442
E-mail: kimberly.vanwey@indstate.edu

  Networks Financial Institute
Michelle Reeson Education Consultant  
Paula Riggen Budget Coordinator  
Ray Thomas Website & Technology  
Scholars Office FD 317 - Phone: (812) 237-2377  

OIT Consultant

Computer Consultant: Pamela Malone
Room: 014 Scott College of Business
Phone: 812-237-8766
E-mail: pamela.malone@indstate.edu
For assistance: 2910
  Office of Information Technology

Sales and Negotiations Center

Office Suite FD 207

Director: Jon Hawes
Room:  206 Scott College of Business
Phone: 812-237-2286
E-mail: jon.hawes@indstate.edu

  Sales and Negotiations Center

Small Business Development Center
(West Central indiana)

Office Suite FD 110

DirectorHeather Strohm
Room:  109 Scott College of Business
:  812-237-2017
Fax: 812-237-7675
Admin Assistant: Becky Kinney
Room: 110 Scott College of Business
Phone: 812-237-7676 or 237-8349

  Small Business Development Center
Troy Phelps, Business Advisor Bloomington Office: 812-345-9395  
Richard Pittelkow Business Consultant  
Tracie Yelich Business Consultant  
General Email:  westcentral@isbdc.org