Networks Financial Institute

NFI Scholars

Class of 2014

Chelsea Abanathie, Networks Scholar
Hometown: St. Charles, Mo
Major: Business Administration
Chelsea Abanathie: Class of 2014
Stephen Borkowski, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Dyer, In
Major: Marketing
Stephen Borkowski: Class of 2014
Jocelyn Boyll, Gongaware Scholar
Hometown: Shelburn, In
Major: Accounting
Jocelyn Boyll: Class of 2014
Patrick Harpenau, Gongaware Scholar
Hometown: Clinton, In
Major: Insurance and Risk Management
Patrick Harpenau: Class of 2014
Bradley Ketzner, Gongaware Scholar
Hometown: Ferdinand, In
Major: Insurance and Risk Management
Bradley Ketzner: Class of 2014
Brittany Kirk, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Casey, Ill
Major: Business
Brittany Kirk: Class of 2014
Ellen Lamb, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Pendleton, In
Major: Finance
Ellen Lamb: Class of 2014
William Lehman, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Nineveh, In
Major: Finance
William Lehman: Class of 2014
Logan Mendenhall, Gongaware Scholar
Hometown: Oblong, Ill
Major: Financial Services
Logan Mendenhall: Class of 2014
Phillip Newbill, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Bunker Hill, In
Major: Business
Phillip Newbill: Class of 2014
Cody Raymer, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Paoli, In
Major: Finance
Cody Raymer: Class of 2014
Garrett Smith, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Hoopeston, Ill
Major: Accounting
Garrett Smith: Class of 2014
Nathan Smith, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Lafayette, In
Major: Finance
Nathan Smith: Class of 2014
Jessica Weesner, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Cambridge City, In
Major: Accounting
Jessica Weesner: Class of 2014
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