Networks Financial Institute

NFI Scholars

Class of 2015

Eric Barber, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Rolling Prairie, IN
Major: Business Administration
Eric Barber: Class of 2015
Trey Carpenter, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Marshall, IL
Major: Insurance & Risk Management
Trey Carpenter: Class of 2015
Landon Curry, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Uniondale, IN
Major: Accounting
Landon Curry: Class of 2015
Daniel Ferguson, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Oswego, IL
Major: Accounting
Daniel Ferguson: Class of 2015
Andrew Feutz, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Quincy, IN
Major: Management
Andrew Feutz: Class of 2015
Chad Greene, Gongaware Scholar
Hometown: Georgetown, IL
Major: Insurance & Risk Management
Chad Greene: Class of 2015
Christena Hoopingarner, Gongaware Scholar
Hometown: Columbia City, IN
Major: Insurance & Risk Management
Christena Hoopingarner: Class of 2015
Andrew Jones, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Greenwood, IN
Major: Accounting
Andrew Jones: Class of 2015
Samantha (Sammi) Lindauer, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Haubstadt, IN
Major: Accounting
Samantha (Sammi) Lindauer: Class of 2015
Swapna Namburi, Gongaware Scholar
Hometown: Terre Haute, IN
Major: Insurance & Risk Management
Swapna Namburi: Class of 2015
Logan Rassel, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Valparaiso, IN
Major: Accounting
Logan Rassel: Class 0f 2015
Brooke Rust, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Grandview, IN
Major: Management
Brooke Rust: Class 0f 2015
Hillary Steber, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Claremont, IL
Major: Financial Services
Hillary Steber: Class of 2015
Jefferson Zahn, Networks Scholar
Hometown: Newburgh, IN
Major: Accounting
Jefferson Zahn: Class of 2015
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