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Alumni Mentoring Program

We are populating the new Mentor Database with alumni/mentors over the next two months. We will open it to students to begin using when we have enough mentors registered.

Becoming a mentor is an easy way to connect with ISU students and to share your experience, knowledge and skills. By signing up to be a mentor, you can provide students with valuable advice that could be beneficial throughout their college career and beyond graduation.

We know the word “mentor” often implies a long term relationship, but in this situation your “relationship” with a student might be a one-time email communication, a meeting over a cup of coffee, a monthly correspondence, or could develop into a long term advising partnership. It’s up to you and the student to define what quality and quantity of communication works best for you.

How does it work?

  •  Interested mentors can sign up by clicking to create your profile.
  •  Mentors have the option to choose whether or not students contact you directly or through the mentor system (so your email address can stay private).
  •  Fill out your profile as completely as possible, so the student has plenty of information about your professional roles as well as your activities while you were at ISU.
  •  When filling out your profile, you have the option to select the maximum number of contacts you would like to receive in a month. Once that number is reached, your contact information is hidden until the start of the next month.
  •  You can change your preferences at any time to reduce or increase the number of student contacts you wish to receive in a month.
  •  Students will conduct key word searches for mentors and choose who they would like to contact. They are given a maximum number of “contacts” for which they can receive information each month.

Who would make a good mentor?

  • Someone who has professional knowledge, expertise, and advice to share.
  • Someone interested in engaging with Indiana State University students.
  • Someone who is willing to take the time to answer emails or phone calls from students who contact them.
  • Someone who is willing to help educate students in professional behaviors and etiquette expected in the work place.

What is expected of mentors?

  •  Approach student contacts with an open mind, professionalism, respect, and patience.
  •  Respond to all communications from students in a timely manner.
  • Communicate any problems with the mentoring relationship (or unprofessional behavior) to the Career Center staff by sending an email to: .

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm  A 231 North 6th Walkway

P 812.237.5000   TF 888.892.6044   F 812.237.4392