Sycamore Career Ready Certificate

The Sycamore Career Ready Certificate is a means to enhance students’ preparation for professional work in the competencies identified below. This certification will provide employers insight into participants’ level of professionalism, and will encourage participants to gain valuable experiences to prepare them for their career.

In order to earn the Sycamore Career Ready Certificate, students must:

  • Complete all required activities and choose from the Optional activities listed in the “Completion Checklist” linked below.
  • Complete all requirements prior to graduation. Most participants will take two years to complete the program, but it can be accomplished in a shorter timeframe. It is recommended that students register for the program by the end of their sophomore year.
  • Meet with a career advisor once per semester to evaluate progress in the program. It is recommended students have regular contact via email and phone.

Completion Checklist

Completion Benefits

Benefits of completing the Sycamore Career Ready Certificate include the following:

  • Gaining competitive advantage in the job application process.
  • List program completion on resume and co-curricular record.
  • Posting your resume in Sycamore Career Link increases your exposure to employers and community members.
  • Understand how to utilize job search tools 
  • Enhance written and verbal communication skills

Upon completion you will receive a Career Kit: portfolio, USB drive, and an executive pen.

  • *  Fulfill one requirement for Foundational Studies Category 2 UDIE *
  • * There are no credit hours associated with the certificate

Frequently Asked Questions


To register for the Sycamore Career Ready Certificate Program, please complete the registration form. Each participant will be assigned a career advisor.  This advisor will monitor progress and advise you concerning career development and program requirements. Your assigned career advisor will be in touch with you after registration to review the program and get you started.

To complete the registration form please        "Click Here".