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Student Employment Program Orientation

All student employees are required to complete the Online Student Employment Programs Orientation. The orientation covers general student employment guidelines for Indiana State University. Student employees should always work with their immediate supervisor to discuss guidelines applicable to their department. Please complete the required orientation during your first 30 days of employment. After completing the orientation print your Certificate of Completion to give to your employer.

Directions to Print the Certificate:
  • Select drop down arrow next to Quick Links.
  • Select Learning Transcript.
  • Select Actions next to the Student Employment Programs Orientation.
  • Select View Certificate to print.

Click here to access the orientation. Use your MyISU login information.

If you are experiencing difficulties, please check the recommended browser settings first:

Google Chrome is the preferred browser to use because it has a built in flash player. To configure Chrome to allow flash to run:


  • Open a new tab in chrome , then copy and paste this in to the address bar: chrome://settings/content/flash
  • Press enter.
  • On this new page, please check the following settings:
    Make sure that the follow settings are in place
    'Allow sites to run Flash' is turned on (blue)
    'Ask First' is turned off (grey)

You can also install Adobe flash on your system, and then use either Firefox or Internet Explorer to access the content (instead of using Microsoft Edge).

If you require additional assistance you can also contact Skillsoft directly for assistance.