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Department of Multidisciplinary Studies


Here is one of the many exciting possibilities of an MST degree:


videoMultidisciplinary student Luke Bunch talks
about his experience at Indiana State University



Mission Statement

The 21st century presents the academy with a new learning environment that often raises questions
and frames problems that the traditional university model was not designed to confront effectively. 
The Department of Multidisciplinary Studies provides a structure to create, support, and sustain
inquiry that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries, modeling a different way of thinking and
new approaches to problems.  The component programs of the Department of Multidisciplinary
Studies take a dynamic approach to the generation, application, and dissemination of knowledge,
encouraging their faculty and students to pursue interests and potentially create new programs
as they engage in conversations that naturally extend across and beyond disciplinary lines.  Through
a variety of major and minor programs, the Department brings together and supports an
intellectually diverse faculty and serves students by encouraging instructional excellence and
offering opportunities and events that enhance the academic experience at Indiana State University.



Welcome to the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies.  We are the home to Philosophy, Sociology, Gender Studies, International Studies and Multidisciplinary Studies.  Whether you are interested in a major or minor we are certain that you will find a variety of courses and opportunities that will intrigue and challenge you. We provide a wide range of experiential learning and community engagement opportunities:  participating in Take Back the Night, collecting and analyzing sociological data for our community partners, organizing Social Justice initiatives and participating in Study Abroad.  There is something here for everyone.   

Our faculty members are experts in their respective fields and we are proud to have faculty from a variety of disciplines contributing to our adventures.  For example, are you interested in Gender Studies?   You will learn from historians, economists, social workers, criminologists, sociologists, linguists, artists and musicians.  How about a degree in Social Justice/Sociology?  We draw on the expertise of criminologists, sociologists, biologists, environmentalists, healthcare professionals and human rights activists, just to name a few.  Want to bring an International Perspective to your degree?  Our faculty includes professors from the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business and the College of Health and Human Services.  Perhaps you want to go to Law School?  Our Philosophy professors can get you there! 

We are also happy to be the home of several student groups.  Our Great Ideas Philosophy Club takes on the challenges of current events, provides tutoring and will help refine your debating skills.   In the Student Coalition for Social Justice and Epsilon Sigma Alpha, the National Community Service Fraternity you will find two dedicated groups of welcoming students. 

We are also happy to provide financial support to our students through a variety of scholarships:  “The Bessie” for Gender Studies Students, The Study Abroad Scholarship for International Studies Students, Interdisciplinary Scholarship for Multidisciplinary Studies majors and the Dr. Cloyd Anthony Scholarship for MST and Sociology Students. 

Look for us at events across campus—Human Rights Day, Women’s History Month, Social Justice Summit, International Student Picnic, Travel Abroad, Social Justice Film Series and Homecoming! 

If you haven’t found what you are looking for please come visit us.  We can help you design a degree that fits your needs and interests.  It’s an exciting time in our department and we look forward to seeing you soon.



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