Currently available through the design your degree option - 


MST—Minor in Social Justice

The Social Justice Minor offers students the ability to complement their traditional major in order to approach and view complex problems in a variety of disciplines through a social justice lens.  The minor is necessary because it provides the tools to develop just practices and integrate those into the fields that traditionally ignore social science sensitivities and practices.


MST 101 or SOC 101

SOC 220 Modern Social Problems

SOC 390  Social Stratification and Inequality

MST 401-Capstone in Multidisciplinary Studies


Choose 1 (3 credits)—

AHS 210-Principles of Environmental Health

AHS 220 Public Health Concepts

BIO 455- Humans and the World Environment

ENVI 460 – Conservation and Sustainability of Natural Resources

PHIL 425-Bioethics of Genome Science

MST 301- Topics

SOC –Medical Sociology


Choose 1 (3 credits)--

GNDR200 – Introduction to Gender Studies-3 E and SR

GNDR 301


ECON 353 Gender and Econ

MST 301- Topics

PHIL 324 Feminist Philosophies

SOC 443 Gender Stratification


Choose 1 (3 credits)

AFRI 212- African American Cultural Traditions

HIST 331- American Workers Fight For Justice

HIST 320 - Comparative Slavery (UDI)

HIST 336-1960”s Counterculture and Protest (UDI)

* Special Topics approved:

HIST 113-Topics (The 70’s) (Immigrant America) (History of Islamic Civ) (Civil Rights Movement)(American Indians)(Comparative Genocide)

MST 301-

SOC 465 Comparative Societies


Pick 1 (3 credits) Personal and Professional Development

GNDR450 – Student Activism in Theory and Practice-3 (UDI)

PHIL201- Ethics and the Good Life-3 E And SR

PHIL 313 - Philosophy of Religion (UDI)

CRM 100 –

MKTG 310 – Marketing for Non-Profit & Service Orgs        

RCSM 150- Introduction to Non Profit Leadership and Management

RCSM 440 – Volunteer Management 3 Credits

SWRK 252- Social Welfare and Social Work

SOWK 270- Ethno-Cultural Issues

SOC 302- Work Employment Society

CRM XXX Juvenile Justice

CRM XXX Victimology

SOC XXX –Sociology of Sport

HRD 355 – Work Life Integration

MST 101

MST 301