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M.A. recipients since 1963.
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Graduation Year Name Current Affiliation or Location
2015 Xie Wang China
2014 Zheng Sun  
2014 Dustin Blaszczyk  
2014 Peng Fu PHD Student, ISU
2014 Jamie Ward PhD Student, University of Michigan
2014 Ryan Wickens Vigo County Area Planning
2013 Linlin Cao  
2013 Jian Xu China
2012 Minjuan Cheng China
2012 Adam Prise  
2011 Smriti Chand  
2011 Steve Hardin Indiana State University
2011 Andrew Stawarski  
2011 Robin Van De Veer  
2010 Ken Copenhaver Remote Sensing Consultant
2009 Steven DiNaso  
2009 Jing Han REGIS
2009 James Pace  
2008 David Livingston  
2008 Jennifer Lathem  
2008 Nathan Scholl