Increase the visibility of CAS

  Action 1: Create new opportunities for faculty from all colleges to get involved with CAS activities
    Metric 1: Contact university ticket offices for statistics regarding student, faculty/staff, and community attendance

  Action 2: Celebrate accomplishments of CAS faculty on university-wide basis
      a. Establish a CAS “Get To Know Us” Day; an introduction to who we are and what we do
      b. Create a “Monthly Forum in CAS” (for the sharing of papers, research, state-of-the–art technology, field research and studies, poetry reading, mini theater and musical performances, etc.)
      c. Increase visibility of CAS through online, website notification of important CAS events and happenings (i.e. campus newsreel)
      d. Establish a “ CAS Person of the Month” (selection process to be determined)
      e. Develop a meaningful once-a-year collaborative project that gives exposure and credibility to our efforts

    Metric 1: Establish database of faculty accomplishments from Cornerstones

    Metric 2: Use new university online portfolio system to collect statistics regarding faculty accomplishments

  Action 3: Increase connections between CAS and the media
      a. Create a media resource guide
      b. Establish a media day for CAS
      c. Create internal clearing house for CAS experts