Strategic Plan

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Enhance success of all ISU students
Objective 1: Create innovative programs to meet student needs
Objective 2: Excel in student advising
Objective 3: Excel in Foundational Studies curriculum and instruction
Objective 4: Provide a top-tier liberal arts and sciences experience
Objective 5: Create a college-wide diversity plan

Goal 2: Enhance connections with the university and the community
Objective 1: Increase the visibility of CAS
Objective 2: Increase collaboration with other colleges
Objective 3: Increase student involvement in experiential learning outside the university
Objective 4: Increase CAS involvement in community engagement
Objective 5: Increase visibility of, and support for, activities that draw community participation
Objective 6: Increase the presence and activity of alumni in the life of CAS

Goal 3: Develop interdisciplinary and collaboration in the CAS
Objective 1: Expand the range of interdisciplinary classes offered.
Objective 2: Develop new interdisciplinary programs to meet the needs of CAS, ISU, and the state
Objective 3: Create opportunities for team-teaching and other forms of interdisciplinary pedagogy
Objective 4: Encourage and support interdisciplinary scholarship
Objective 5: Foster a community that supports interdisciplinary teaching, scholarship, and ways of thinking.

Goal 4: Increase and diversify revenue
Objective 1: Increase the number of external grant and contract applications submitted
Objective 2: Increase privately raised funds for CAS
Objective 3: Better advocate for CAS mission in the allocation of university resources

Goal 5: Improve professional satisfaction
Objective 1: Increase professional satisfaction for CAS tenure-track faculty
Objective 2: Increase professional satisfaction for CAS non-tenure-track faculty
Objective 3: Increase professional satisfaction for CAS staff

    Strategic Plan- LEADERSHIP LIST