Center for Student Success


Today's college student-athletes are facing challenges both on and off the field that are unparalleled in the history of intercollegiate athletics. Intercollegiate athletics has often left student-athletes unprepared to meet society's greatest challenges-life after graduation, or "real life."

To better prepare our student-athletes for life's challenges beyond the playing field. Indiana State University, in conjunction with the NCAA, has developed the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program. This program is designed to prepare the student- athlete to meet society's changing demands during and after college by focusing on helping the student-athlete develop as a whole person-academically, athletically, emotionally, and socially.

Based on the premise that student-athletes have a difficult time connecting with campus-wide student programming and experiences, the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program was developed to bridge the gap between college and the professional world. The program's goal is to provide student-athletes with the education and experience needed to realize higher academic achievement; increase the likelihood of retention. graduation. and professional success; gain a higher level of maturity and self-responsibility; achieve overall success; and be contributing members of their communities.

Through the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program. student-athletes are better prepared for life after college.

The Total Student Development Program

Beginning with their freshman year student-athletes at Indiana State are exposed to a variety of programs to assist in the transition between high school and college which are often heightened by participation in intercollegiate athletics.

These programs begin with University 101, a two-hour credit course developed to serve as a freshman year experience course. Freshman enrolled in the course receive instruction on value clarification, goal setting, development of time management skills. study skills, sexual responsibility. stress management. and, specifically for student-athletes.

Other programs included in University 101 and the CHAMPS/Life Skills Program are:

Value Based Time Management Workshop:  Developed in conjunction with Franklin Quest. The University 101 classroom session is offered to help student-athletes recognize the importance of time management skills as they relate to personal values. In the session, student- athletes develop the skills that will help them achieve personal goals through daily scheduling, manage and gain control over their daily activities, and enhance their long-range strategic planning capabilities and academic performance by learning to plan daily for success. As part of the sessions, student-athletes are given a daily planner and provided with the training needed for its successful use.

Winning Sports Nutrition Training:  During this University 101 classroom session, the latest research-based nutrition information and activities are provided to student-athletes to assist them in gaining the most from their training programs. Topics deal with the nutritional components of food, hydration and fluids, and supplementation. Through the training, students examine and evaluate their own personal diets to optimize their performance.

Sexual Responsibility and Student-Athletes:  During a University 101 classroom session, Freshmen student-athletes are introduced to a number of  issues and problems involving sexual conduct.  Items addressed include pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted disease prevention, dating dilemmas, communication problems, and date rape.

Career Planning:  Working with the University's Career Center, this workshop assists junior level student-athletes with learning the essentials of the job search process. Topics covered in the seminar include resume writing, cover letter writing, and interviewing skills. The Career Center's staff is also available to assist student-athletes market the skills developed through athletic competition that will be beneficial to employers.

Networking Etiquette Dinner:  Designed specifically for junior student-athletes, this workshop is intended to help student-athletes learn how to effectively develop their professional network and the all important skills of dining in professional situations. Student-athletes have the opportunity to network with professionals in a variety of fields throughout the workshop providing excellent preparation for conferences and interviews.

Drug and Alcohol Education:  CHAMPS' drug and alcohol prevention program is carefully designed to reduce the risk of student-athletes experiencing any type of alcohol-related problems at any point in life. The program uses various approaches ranging from guest speakers to student development workshops in University 101 to help student-athletes develop positive habits and attitudes toward drug and alcohol use and non-use.

S.A.F.E. Sycamore Athletics for Education:  A community service program, S.A.F.E. allows student-athletes to visit local elementary schools.  S.A.F.E. partners with State Farm Insurance and the Missouri Valley Conference to participate in Just Read!  Through the program, student-athletes read to children in an effort to re-emphasize the importance of education.  The goal of the program is to develop a sense of responsibility to the community that supports athletics at Indiana State.

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee: A group of student-athletes representing all athletic teams. The committee's purpose is to help enhance the academic, physical, and social development of Indiana State's student-athletes and to foster active communication between student-athletes, the administration, the campus, and the community. The committee plays an active role in the development of current and future CHAMPS/Life Skills programs.

Celebrates Excellence in Academics: A yearly event, this program culminates with a banquet which recognizes the outstanding academic achievements of Indiana State student-athletes. All student-athletes who earn a 3.00 or better grade point average through their last two semesters are honored. Also honored are the OLD NATIONAL BANK All-Academic Team letter winners with the highest cumulative GPA on each team; the recipient of the Athletic Director's Cup, presented to the team with the highest cumulative GPA; and the President's Scholar-Athlete of the year.