Athletic Study Program

 Support Services


 The Academic Support Program for Athletes is part of the University's Center for Student Success which offers a variety of academic support programs to all Indiana State students. Among the services which meet your specific needs as a student athlete are the following:

ENRICHMENT HOURS. The center provides supervised enrichment hours for all student-athletes. You may attend on your own as you need assistance, or your coach may require you to attend. Enrichment hours are also arranged for specific sports on certain nights. During enrichment hours you can participate in the many services of the center including tutoring, small study groups, mathematics and computer laboratories, and quiet study halls. Your study hall attendance is monitored and reported to all coaches on a weekly or daily basis as deemed necessary.

student studying   students in computer lab

If you have a special need, such as a documented learning disability, the center can provide you with special assistance. Such services include skills assessment, proofreading services, use of mini- cassette recorders, careful academic monitoring, test reading and proctoring services, and counseling. In addition, you may request a mentor tutor who will work specifically with you on all your course work.

The center also acts as a secondary advisory service for student-athletes, especially at the freshman level. Your schedule will be checked to ensure that you are not scheduling classes during practice time, and that you are meeting certain NCAA guidelines. Careful academic records are also kept for each student-athlete.

As a student-athlete you will find the center a comfortable place where you can talk about your problems at the academic, athletic, or personal level. Center staff offer an ear if you need to talk and can also refer you to other programs for specific help (i.e., financial aid, admissions, registration, advisors, health, or career counseling).

student with tutorTUTORING. Tutoring in most General Education courses is provided on both an individual and group basis. Study groups for courses with high student-athlete enrollment (i.e., psychology, history, life sciences, English) are conducted on a regular basis. Tutors are available either by appointment during the day, or on a walk-in basis during evening sessions. You will discover that due to your busy daylight schedule, it will be more convenient for you to take advantage of the evening sessions. Graduate students and upper level undergraduates serve as tutors. Generally, these tutors have expertise in one of the broad categories of the social sciences, life sciences, mathematics, business, or English.  

UNIVERSITY 101. An athletic department orientation study skills class is also sponsored by the center. Designed to help prepare you for the freshman experience, this course meets two hours weekly for one semester. The purpose of the course is to help you, the student-athlete, make a successful transition to college by providing you with a special orientation to the University community, the ISU athletics program, and NCAA rules and regulations. Course content includes study skills such as note-taking, test-preparation, test-taking, text-reading, and memorization skills; a personal skills component which focuses on topics such as goal setting, time management, health and nutrition, and stress management; and a skills evaluation component. Your reading and writing skills are evaluated to determine if you can be helped by remedial exercises or specialized tutoring sessions in the writing laboratory.

CHAMPS/LIFE SKILLS. Sponsored in conjunction with the NCAA Foundation to assist you, the student-athlete, in bridging the gap between your college and professional life, this program is also designed to help show you how to make a meaningful contribution to your community. The focus of the program is to help you develop as a whole person-academically, athletically, emotionally, and socially-and to meet your changing needs as an individual as you develop during college and after graduation. The program provides a well-rounded curriculum of topics structured into five key components that address critical areas of development and include: the commitment to academic excellence, athletic excellence, personal development, service, and career development. Throughout the year programs include drug education, sexual responsibility, dealing with the media, career planning, and community service. The SAFE (Student- Athletes For Education) is a community service program where student- athletes spend time at local elementary schools.

Your academic progress will also be monitored by the center. Twice each semester forms for all student-athletes will be sent to instructors in order to determine your attendance, effort, and progress. Progress forms are sent out approximately four weeks into the semester and again four weeks prior to finals. A mid-term check is not necessary as the University conducts campus-wide mid-term evaluations. Information learned about you from progress checks is forwarded to your coach as well as to the athletics director.

The Student-Athlete Mentoring (SAM) Program is designed to help you if you need extra assistance in maintaining acceptable college-level academic performance. The goals of the SAM program are to attack potential problems before they occur and to help you become a better student. In weekly sessions, you will work with your assigned mentor to discuss notes, grades, and strategies to better your overall academic progress. Your mentor will work with you on proper note-taking techniques and study skills/habits, and address any possible tutoring needs. Your progress is reported to coaches on a weekly basis.