Center for Student Success

Supplemental Instruction

FALL 2014 Schedule

***These free weekly sessions generally begin the second week of the semester and are available for free to all students enrolled in the following courses.


Last Name First Name Course Instructor SI Session  DAY SI Sessions    TIMES LOCATION
**Hoffmann Jordyn AHS 340 Nourse W   8:50a-10a/ 11:50a-12:30p University Hall Atrium
Robnett Diana AHS 604 Ferng online online online
Williams Ishaiah AHS340.304   Ferng Online-M 7p-8p & W 5p-6p   M 5p-7p  & W 1p-3p Cunningham Library-commuter lounge
Latourette Jessica ATTR 210 Young MW 7[-9p Sycamore Ctr for Wellness & Applied Medicine, rm 315
Betuel Adam BIO 112 Gonser M W 4p-6:30p Science 134
Brown Erin BIO 112 O'Keefe M W  5p-7p Science 297/ **Sun. 5p-7p@Library
Cox Sonja BIO 231 Schwab M 5p-7p W 7p-8p Science 299
Gallina Nicholas BIO 274 Danielly T R 2p-3p Science 288
Nolting Taylor BIO 380 Steding M T 6p-7:30p Science 214
Lutjemeyer Seth  CHEM 100 Flurkey T R 2p-5p Science 297
**Lutjemeyer Seth  CHEM 100 Gunawardane T R 2p-5p Science 297
Sexton Dalton CHEM 100 Gunawardane M  5p-7p R 7p-9p Science 299
Harbinson Hallie CHEM 103     Inlow M 2p-3:30p Science  061
**Harbinson Hallie CHEM 105 Gunewardane T 2P-5:30P Science 054
Hostetter Nicole CHEM 105 Glendening T 3:30p-5P R 1p-2:30p Tues. Science 134; Thurs. HH201
Wilcox Amber  CHEM 105 Rosenhein M 3:00p-6:00p Science 018
Gillenwater Jordan CHEM 106 Moody T 9:30a-11a    R 12-1:30p see day  
**Sexton Dalton CHEM 351 Kjonaas T R 5p-7p Science 299
Quick Madison ECON 100 Guell T 11a-1p R 5p-7p Cunningham Library
Wittman Zach ECON 100 Guell MWF         11a-12:30p MWF  Fed.Hall102
**Wittman Zach ECON 200 Guell T R 12:30p-3p T 4p-6p Tues. UH102; Thurs. UH101
Short Max ECON 201 Israel R 11a-1:45p Holmsteadt Hall 251
Chandler Breeana ECT 160 Wittenmeyer M W 6:30p-8p TC 202
Hilton Seth  ECT 160 Wittenmyer T 4:45p-7p R 4:45p-6p Technology 102
Latka Jeffrey EES 360 Blake      
Wilkinson Steffen Envi 100 Rathburn R 3p-5p Science 174
Terrell Natasha ENVI 361 Latimer M 5p-6p  T3:30p-430p W 10:30a-11:30a Holmstedt, rm 018A
Truax Brooke HIST 113 Gustafron MW 3p-4p F 3:30p-4:30p Cunningham Library café
Boynton Stanley HIST 200 Fairbanks T W 2p-3p Tues. SH108; Wed.  SH324
Jacobson Meghan HIST 202 Fairbanks W    4p-7p SH102
Chatman Emily NUR 104 Jones T R 3:30p-5:30p Cunningham Library
Lee Seonga NUR 104      Sect. 001.002. 003.004   T 4p-8p UH 202
Farrington Ashley  NUR 209 Ward M 5p-7p T 4:30p-6:30p Sandison LL
Hoffmann Jordyn NUR 309 Nourse M (UH313) 8:50a-10a/ 1:30p-4p **Also has online sessions TR 1:30p-3:30p
Dusek Crista NUR 322 Thurner T 3:30p-5p R 11a-12:30p NURS Student Lounge(2nd fl)
Johnson Melissa NURS 207 Everly M W 9a-10:30a Sandison LL
Britton Tyler NURS 218 Crawford R 4p-7p HMSU Commons                            (close to Einstein's)
Morgan Lindsay NURS 218 Crawford T 5p-7:30p R 5p-5:30p University Hall Atrium
Kuhnle Payton NURS 224 Cannon T 3:30p-6:30p R 3:30p-5p NURS Student Lounge(2nd fl)
O'Connor Jordan NURS 324 Burdick M 6:30p-8:30p R 5p-7p Sandison LL
Kirton Cynthia NURS 338 Bauer T R 9a-11a F 1:30p-2:30p;  M 5p-6p NURS Student Lounge(2nd fl)
Peabody Jayde NURS 364 Pirtle/Walters T 3:30p-6:30p Sandison LL
Poore Jamie NURS 364 Walters T 6p-9p Sandison LL
McCall Joy NURS 424 Weust F 12p-4p Sandison LL
Jette David NURS 470 Sect.001.002.003 McQuiston M 2p-4:30p F 2p-6p Sandison LL
Snodgrass Jarred  PHIL 201 Goswami M 11a-1p W 11a-12p HH 247
Hollis Brooklyn  PSCI 107 Butwin M 9p R 5:30p Cunningham Library
Rogers Abbey PSCI 201 Bergbower Sun. Tues 8p-9p Cunningham Library-commuter lounge
Brumfield Danielle SOWK 130 Lugar R 5p-8p Cunningham Library-commuter lounge
Murray Caroline SOWK 130 Lugar M 7p-10p Cunningham Library
Speidel Jann  SOWK 130 Lugar T R 4p-8p UH 209A
Hensley Aaron SOWK 240 VanCleave M R 8p-9p W 2:30p-3:30p Cunningham Library-commuter lounge 2nd floor
Johnson Lakisha SOWK 240 VanCleave M 2:30p-5:30p F 5p-7p Cunningham Library, 1st floor
Stout Haley SOWK 240 Impink T R   6:30p-9:30p Stalker Hall 319
**Brumfield Danielle SOWK 241 Lugar R 5p-8p Cunningham Library-commuter lounge
**Murray Caroline SOWK 241 Lugar M 7p-10p Cunningham Library
Lugar Katherine SOWK 252 Impink      
Cesinger Samantha  SOWK 384 Impink T 3:30p-5:30p Stalker Hall 306
Smith Corey WS 200 Goswami      
Zore-Propes Nicole     T 3:30p-5p   R 1p-2:30p Tues-Science 134;  Thursday  Holmstedt 201

Questions? Call the Center for Student Success at 237-2700