Center for Student Success

Supplement Instruction


  1. What is the faculty member's role in supplemental instruction?
    • The success of the SI program depends upon the faculty member's support of the program.  Attendance generally increases in classes where the instructor regularly encourages student participation in SI. A faculty member's involvement in the Leader's objectives for the sessions is encouraged. SI Leaders often apply for the position because of a close relationship with the faculty member or the need to have one. Faculty members are not responsible for supervising or training SI Leaders but are encouraged to participate in the choosing of one.
  2. How can I request SI for my courses?
    • Requests for SI sessions should be made the semester prior to ensure adequate time to locate, hire, and train qualified SI leaders. Applications will be available for students on the SI web page [availability unknown] or in the Center for Student Success.
  3. How does SI differ from tutoring?
    • SI targets high-risk courses instead of high-risk students.
    • SI is open to all students in the class; it is not remedial.
    • SI is proactive rather than reactive.
    • SI begins at the beginning of the semester before students encounter academic problems.
    • SI Leaders are knowledgeable of the specific course content and trained in specific teaching/learning theory and techniques.
    • SI Leaders attend classes with students, read assigned materials, take class notes, and conduct regularly scheduled out-of class group sessions when class is not in session.
  4. Will I know who is attending?
    • Attendance taken at SI sessions is for statistical purposes only. Attendance is totally voluntary; therefore names of students will not be disclosed without the student's permission. Instructors will receive an end of the semester report detailing SI participants vs. non-participants final grades and SI attendance.
  5. Can the SI Leader help me in class or with the grading of homework?
    • Please feel free to use the SI Leader in class discussion or to hand out papers. However, the SI Leader's main role is to help students by facilitating group study sessions. They are not lecturers, teachers or graders. They are model students who encourage the group to process material.