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College Challenge is a win-win program for high schools, students, and the University.

High school students earn college credit (at a significantly reduced rate) and high school credit simultaneously for courses offered in their high schools. Tuition fee waivers are available for students eligible for free or reduced lunch programs.  Please review the College Challenge Student Guide for all program details. 

High school teachers enhance their courses and engage in professional development in their disciplines.

The University has the opportunity to create new lines of communication with prospective college students, high school principals, guidance counselors, and teachers.


Apply Today To Become a College Challenge Instructor

Indiana State University welcomes new instructors.

High school educators interested in offering College Challenge courses at their schools can download all necessary forms and information (below).  As a first step, please complete and return the Teacher application (below) with all requested documentation to the College Challenge Director at the address at the bottom of this page.  Once an application file is complete, the College Challenge Director will forward the file to the appropriate academic liaison within the discipline for a review and decision regard the potential partnership.  The liaison will contact the teacher with any questions during the review process.  Once a decision is made, the College Challenge Director will notify the school and teacher in writing of approval or denial.  If denied, the teacher will receive information regarding the reason for denial.  If approved, the teacher will be notified of next steps for teacher orientation, which must be completed before the partnership can take effect.”

  1. [PDF]  Participation Agreement:  Information for high school officer, assistant principal, or guidance director
  2. [PDF]  Memorandum of Understanding:  To be signed by high school officer, assistance principal, or guidance director
  3. [PDF]  Teacher Application To Teach College Challenge Courses:  To be completed by high school teachers after their high school has submitted the appropriate partnership paperwork (documents 1 & 2 above).
  4. [PDF]  Lecturer Levels with Descriptions:  This document explains the three levels of lecturer that may be approved to teach a College Challenge course.  Please be aware that not all lecturer levels are available in every discipline, and decisions regarding a high school teacher’s eligibility to teach college-level courses within the discipline are made by the academic department.  College Challenge teachers must have credentials consistent with instructors teaching the same course on the ISU campus.

For further information or assistance contact the College Challenge Director.


Information for Current College Challenge Instructors

If you are a current College Challenge instructor, please note the following information:



Jill Blunk 
College Challenge Program
Indiana State University
134F Tirey Hall
Terre Haute, Indiana 47809
Phone: 812.237.2670
Fax: 812.237.2525
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