Mass Spectrometry

The Department of Chemistry and Physics houses two mass spectrometers. One is an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICPMS). The ICPMS is a Thermo Elemental PQ ExCell and is housed in Dr. Wolf's research laboratory.

A new Thermo Finnigan iTQ-1100 GC-MS has recently been funded by a Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) grant from the National Science Foundation and was installed in January, 2011. It is housed in room S-034 and is used for both research and laboratory courses. This spectrometer is capable of electron impact (EI) and chemical ionization (CI) modes as well as tandem mass spectrometry (MSn). It is equipped with a 115 position autosampler for large sample loads, and direct probes are also available for semivolatile analysis. The instrument is managed by Dr. Fitch and Dr. Kjonaas. It is used by students in several courses including Chemistry 351L, 352L, 340, 355 and 461, as well as by research students in the Department.