Valentina French

Associate Professor
Physics Program Coordinator

M.S., 1987, Oklahoma State University
Ph.D., 1992, Oklahoma State University

Office: S-165F
Phone: (812) 237-2272

Research Interests

Dr. French's research interests include optical properties of solid state materials with applications to optical devices, nonlinear/complex systems, and projects relevant to physics education.

Selected Publications

The Science of Nanotechnology: An Introductory Text; L. Tilstra, S.A. Broughton, R. Tanke, D. Jelski, V. French, G. Zhang, A. Popov, A. Western, T. George, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York, 2008.

An artificial Neural Network Model of Aging and Cognition; T. Alvager, V. French, G. Putman, D. Herrmann, E. Anderson; Proceedings of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications, editor M.H. Hamza, ACTA Press, 2003.

The Yerkes-Dodson Law Simulated with an Artificial Neural Network; V.A. French, E. Anderson, G. Putman, T. Alvager; Cognitive Systems, vol. 5(2), pp. 136-147, 1999.

Nonlinear Dynamics of a Sinusoidally Driven Pendulum in a Repulsive Magnetic Field; A. Siahmakoun, V.A. French, J. Patterson; American Journal of Physics, vol. 65(5), pp. 393-400, 1997.

Angular Multiplexing for Lateral Shear Interferometry Using Photorefractive BaTiO3; V.A. French, A. Siahmakoun, J. Spielvogel; Proceedings SPIE, vol. 2622, pp. 522-531, 1995.

Energy Transfer Processes in Y3Al5O12:Tm,Ho; V.A. French, R. R. Petrin, R.C. Powell; Physical Review B, vol. 46, pp. 8018-8026, 1992.

Laser-Induced Grating Measurements of Energy Migration in Tm,Ho:YAG; V.A. French, R.C. Powell; Optics Letters, vol. 16, pp. 666-668, 1991.

Refractive-Index Gratings in Rare-Earth-Doped Alkaline Earth Glasses; V.A. French, R.C. Powell, D.H. Blackburn, D.C. Cranmer; Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 69, pp. 913-917, 1991.