Richard Gunawardane


B.S., 1969, University of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Ph.D., 1974, University of Aberdeen, U.K.

Office: S-051H
Phone: (812) 237-2234

Professional Experience

2010- Indiana State University
2007 – 2009 Keene State College, New Hampshire University System, NH
2005 – 2007 Wellesley College, MA
1974 – 2005 University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
2000 – 2004 Service to the Government of Sri Lanka as Secretary, Ministry of Education, Higher Education & Chairman, National Education Commission
1991 – 1992 Colorado State University, CO (Fulbright Fellowship)
1985 – 1986 Kiel University, Germany (Humboldt Fellowship)
1978 – 1979 University of Aberdeen, U.K. (Royal Society of Chemistry Fellowship)

Research Interests

Phase equilibria, Crystal chemistry and synthesis of silicates, phosphates, zeolites (molecular sieves) and isostructural silica modifications. Studies on the production of phosphate fertilizer, biomaterials and other industrial products from phosphate minerals. Industrial Chemistry, studies on gems and other industrial minerals, cements, Plaster of Paris & refractory materials. Science education at high school and college levels.

Selected Publications

Low-energy electron-induced reactions in condensed matter, Christopher R. Arumainayagam, Hsio-Lu Lee, Rachel B. Nelson, David R. Haines and Richard P. Gunawardane, Surface Science Reports, 65, 1-44, 2010.

Characterization of phosphorus in tropical soils by sequential extraction, R.P. Gunawardane, Tropical Agriculturist, 149, 45-57, 1997.

Ionic Conductivity of the glasses in the system Li2O-P2O5-TeO2, G.D.L.K. Jayasinghe, P.W.S.K. Bandaranayake, M.A.K.L. Dissanayake & R.P. Gunawardane, Solid State Ionics, 78, 199-202, 1995.

Chemical and structural studies on natural spinels of Sri Lanka, C.P. Udawatta, R.P. Gunawardane & H. Annersten, Ceylon J. Sci. (Phy. Sci.), 2(1), 10-19, 1995.

Crystal Structure of K2Ba5Si12O30, R.A. Howie, R.P. Gunawardane & F.P. Glasser, Z. Kristallogr., 226, 181-186, 1993.

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Crystal structure refinement of Li4TiO4 containing tetrahedrally coordinated Ti4+ and tetragonally packed oxide ions, R.P. Gunawardane, J.G. Fletcher, M.A.K.L. Dissanayake, R.A. Howie and A.R. West, J. Solid state Chem., 112, 70-72, 1993.

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Studies on some novel silica clathrates, R.P. Gunawardane, Indian J. Chem., 27 A, 380-387, 1988.

Trace elements in vein graphites of Sri Lanka, C.B. Dissanayeke, R.P. Gunawardane & D.M.S.K. Dinalankara, Chemical Geology, 68, 121-129, 1988.

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Crystal structure of Tetrasodium monostrontium trisilicate, R.P. Gunawardane, L.S.D. Glasser & R.A. Howie, Z. Kristallogr., 174, 12-14, 1986.

The crystal structure of the oxyapatite, NaY9(SiO4)6O2, R.P. Gunawardane, R.A. Howie & F.P. Glasser, Acta Cryst., B38, 1564-1566, 1982.

Reaction of chlorapatite, Ca5(PO4)3 (Cl,F), with sodium carbonate and silica, R.P. Gunaardane & F.P. Glasser, J. Mater. Sci., 14, 2797-2810, 1979.


Auger Electron Spectroscopy (Chapter 10, pages 451-483) by R.P. Gunawardane & C.R. Arumainayagam in Handbook of Applied Solid State Spectroscopy edited by D.R. Vij, Springer, USA, 2006.


Fertilizer material from apatite, R.P. Gunawardane & F.P. Glasser, United States Patent no. 4,363,650 of December 14, 1982, U.S. Patent Office, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

A nitrophosphate fertilizer, NITROPARP-60, from Eppawela apatite,R.P. Gunawardane, Patent no. 10,154 of November 1, 1990, Registry of Patents and Trade Marks, Colombo, Sri Lanka.