Arthur M. Halpern

Professor Emeritus
Physical Chemistry, Photophysics, Computational Chemistry Applied to Intrinsic Reaction Coordinate Calculations, Physical Chemistry Laboratory Education

B.A., 1964, Rutgers University
Ph.D., 1968, Northeastern University

Postdoctoral Experience
1968-1970 University of Minnesota
1970-1971 Bell Laboratories


Research Summary

Dr. Halpern's research interests include the following: (1) Computational chemistry in which high-level ab initio molecular orbital calculations are used to predict the spectroscopic transitions associated with internal rotations and torsional motion. Other studies include the construction of intrinsic reaction coordinate potential energy surfaces and the structure of the transition states that might exist along the reaction path. (2) The fundamental nature of light-matter interaction as applied to the photophysics of organic molecules, particularly saturated (trialkyl) amines. This research involves the study of the mechanisms by which ultraviolet light is absorbed and dissipated by these molecules. Fluorescence techniques are applied to the determination of kinetic schemes that account for energy transfer between molecules, energy dissipation, and other decay mechanisms.

Selected Publications

"Exploring the Nature of the H2 Bond. 1. Using Spreadsheet Calculations To Examine the Valence Bond and Molecular Orbital Methods," Arthur M. Halpern and Eric D. Glendening, J. Chem. Educ. 90, 1452-1458 (2013).

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"Structural and Thermodynamic Properties of the Argon Dimer: A Computational Chemistry Exercise in Quantum and Statistical Mechanics," J. Chem. Educ., 87, 174 (2010). (Download the pdf version for free here by logging in with your ACS ID. If you do not have an ACS ID, you can register for one for free at the above link. After login, the page showing the pdf link will take a minute or two to load, so please be patient.)

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