Stephen F. Wolf

Professor Wolf

Analytical Chemistry

B.S., 1987, Purdue University
Ph.D., 1993, Purdue University

1993-2001 Argonne National Laboratory

ISU Caleb Mills Distinguished Teaching Award, 2010
ISU Promising Scholar Award, 2007
CAS Educational Excellence Award, 2005

Office: S-051K
Phone: 812.237.2236
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Research Interests

Dr. Wolf's research interests focus on the development of methods for the determination of concentration and disposition of major, minor, and trace elements in meteorites. He is currently working on developing chemical methods in conjunction with elemental determination by ICPMS and chemometric techniques in order to identify volatile trace element host phases in primitive meteorites.

Recent Publications

S. F. Wolf, J. R. Compton, C. J. L. Gagnon (2012) “Determination of 11 major and minor elements in chondritic meteorites by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry.” Talanta 100, 276-281.

J. M. Friedrich, S. F. Wolf, D. Rumble III, J. Troiano, C. J. L. Gagnon, J. R. Compton, P. Jenniskens, M. H. Shaddad (2010) “The Elemental Composition of Almahata Sitta.” Meteoritics and Planetary Sciences 45, 1718-1727.

R. R. Jensen, S. S. Brake, S. F. Wolf, M. F. Bekker, P. J. Hardin and M. W. Jackson (2010) “Chemical Element Concentrations in Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) and Green Ash (Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marsh.) Leaves at the Reclaimed Green Valley Coal Mine, Indiana, USA.” Environmental Earth Science 60, 1391-1405.

S. F. Wolf, M.–S. Wang, and M. E. Lipschutz (2009) “Labile Trace Elements in Basaltic Achondrites: Can they Distinguish between Meteorites from the Moon, Mars and V-Type Asteroids?” Meteoritics and Planetary Science 44, 891-903.

M. E. Lipschutz, S. F. Wolf, F. B. Culp, and A. J. R. Kent (2007) “Geochemical and Cosmochemical Materials.” Anal. Chem. 79, 4249-4274.