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Campus visits are offered Monday through Friday and some Saturdays (10:00 am option only).
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Summer schedule—May 5 thru August 15: We will only offer Admission appointment and campus tour. Arrival times will only be for morning and afternoon.
Business will not be scheduling academic appointments for the month of April.
Nursing appointments are available only on Tuesdays and Fridays.
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Appointment Request

Some appointments may be in a group setting.

Admissions Appointment: Talk to an Admissions counselor (approximately 45 min.)

Campus Tour: A walking tour of ISU's campus (1 hour)

Financial Aid: Speak to a financial aid counselor (30 minutes)

Residential Life: Learn about your housing options (1 hour)

Academic Appointment: Talk with an advisor or professor in the following area of interest --
      (approximately 1 hour depending on department)

Additional Information: If music or art is selected above, please specify instrument played or type of art media.

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