Nursing (LPN/LVN to BS)



The LPN/LVN to BS Program consists of three phases. Phase I and II must be completed prior to beginning Phase III. Specific courses and credit required may vary, depending on coursework transferred.

Phase I:  Foundational Studies (Lower Division)—31 Credits
Courses in this phase can be completed in a variety of ways. Indiana State University offers some of these courses online and all are available via on-campus study. Students may also complete these courses via transfer from an accredited two- or four-year institution. We recommend that you contact your advisor to ensure that a particular transfer course is acceptable before taking the course. Students also may complete Phase I by successfully passing end of course equivalency examinations such as CLEP, DSST, and Excelsior College Examinations. Comprehensive Learning Modules (study guides) provided by The College Network help students prepare for and successfully complete these examinations.
BIO 274/L Introductory Microbiology and Laboratory
CHEM 100/L Chemistry: Reactions and Reasons and Laboratory (or higher level chemistry course and laboratory)
COMM 101 Introduction to Speech Communication
ENG 101 Freshman Writing I
ENG 105 Freshman Writing II
MATH 102 Quantitative Literacy
PSY 101 General Psychology: Understanding Human Behavior

Information Technology Literacy Course

ATTR 210/L Human Anatomy for Allied Health Professions and Laboratory
BIO 231/L Human Anatomy and Laboratory

PE 220/L Human Physiology for Allied Health Professions and Laboratory
BIO 241/L Human Physiology and Laboratory

Note:  Freshmen with SAT verbal scores of 510 or above or ACT English usage scores of 20 or above may take ENG 107 rather than ENG 101 and ENG 105. However, ENG 107 is only offered on the ISU campus.

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Phase II: Nursing Prerequisites—15 Credits
Admittance to Indiana State University is required to proceed with Phase II. Courses in this phase must be satisfied by ISU departmental challenge exams (credit by examination).
NURS 106 Mental Health Aspects of Nursing Practice
NURS 224 Nursing Care of Adults I
NURS 328 Nursing Care of the Child and Family
NURS 330 Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family

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Phase III: Baccalaureate-Level Nursing Courses
Completion of Phase I and II is required to begin Phase III. Nursing courses in this phase are offered online by Indiana State University. Clinicals are arranged in the student's community. Foundational Studies requirements can be fulfilled by a combination of coursework earned through the University's online learning program and the student's local college or university.
NURS 208 Transition from L.P.N. to B.S.N.
NURS 304 Comprehensive Health Assessment for Nursing Practice
NURS 322 Research/Theoretical Basis for Nursing Practice
NURS 324 Nursing Care of Adults II
NURS 338 Mental Health Nursing
NURS 424 Nursing Care of Adults III
NURS 450 Population-Focused Community Health Nursing
NURS 470 Nursing Leadership
NURS 484 Reflective Nursing Practice
NURS 486 Professional Nursing Synthesis
NURS 490 Licensure Preparatory Course

BIO 412 Pathophysiology

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

PSY 266 Developmental Psychology
EPSY 221 Developmental Psychology

EPSY 302 Introduction to Applied Psychological Statistics
AHS 340 Health Biostatistics

  • Elective and foundational studies courses needed to achieve the 120 credits required for graduation
  • Fulfillment of University graduation requirements, including foundational studies courses and 45 credits of upper division (300-400 level) coursework

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Indiana State Online Students Residing Outside of Indiana: Each of the states has its own approval processes for out-of-state institutions offering online degrees. While Indiana State University endeavors to offer all of its programs to as wide an audience as possible, all ISU online programs may not be available in all states. Currently, online programs are not offered in the states of Arkansas and Massachusetts. To check the status of programs available in a particular state, visit program availability.

The Catalog of Indiana State University is the document of authority for all students. The requirements given in the catalog supersede information issued by any academic department, program, college, or school. The University reserves the right to change the requirements at any time.

Last updated 24 April 2014