Black Faculty and Staff Caucus

The BFSC began May of 2012 with five staff members hoping to develop a social and mutual support organization for African American faculty and staff at ISU (and the Foundation).

The mission of the BFSC:

In alliance with Indiana State University Strategic Plan’s commitment to diversity, the Black Faculty and Staff Caucus (BFSC) was organized to address the academic, professional, and social development of Black faculty, staff, and students. By providing relevant programs and services, we hope to develop a more supportive campus environment and foster greater connections with the Black Terre Haute community.

The kickoff dinner occurred on August 27, 2012 resulting in an initial membership of approximately 35 faculty, staff and graduate students. The efforts from the kickoff developed a focus on a specific set of questions, resulting in a set of volunteer committees.

Black Faculty and Staff Caucus Goals:

Black Faculty and Staff FY 12-13 Final Year Report

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