What is Sycamore Safe Zone?



What is Sycamore Safe Zone?

Safe Zone is an initiative through the Office of Diversity at Indiana State University to help make our campus a safe and affirming place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (or LGBTQ) students, faculty and staff.   A Sycamore Safe Zone workshop provides education on LGBTQ issues and enhances participants’ capacity to be an ally to LGBTQ individuals.  Workshops range in length from one to two hours. Upon completion of a workshop the participant earns the designation of a Sycamore Safe Zone ally and is given an emblem to display in an office, residence hall room, or on a backpack.  Sycamore Safe Zone is just one step of many that is being taken by Indiana State University to achieve its vision of embracing diversity.

There are two ways to be involved with Sycamore Safe Zone

1. Participate in a Sycamore Safe Zone Workshop

Request and Participate in a Sycamore Safe Zone Workshop

2. Become a Sycamore Safe Zone Facilitator