Indiana state university council on diversity

Priorities for 2011-12

Through our established sub-committees, our priorities for 2011-12 are to:

1. Conduct an assessment of the ways in which diversity at the university does and does not represent the diversity of Indiana and the nation at the student, faculty, support staff and administration levels;

2. Conduct a preliminary assessment of factors that facilitate and those that inhibit a culture of support for diversity;

3. Evaluate and recommend faculty, staff, and administration recruitment and hiring policies, procedures, and practices in respect to diversity as a groundwork for follow-on work in the arena of retention and promotion;

4. Develop an appeal process to be added to the University Affirmative Action procedures, the results of which will be a recommendation for disposition to the University President;

5. Begin the development of a diversity plan to integrate with the university strategic planning process; and

6. Prepare a report to be presented to the President and Trustees at the board's annual retreat.

Invitation to Our Community:

We invite members of our community to assist us in the achievement of our priority tasks. Specific ways that this is desired/can be done will be shared via correspondence with persons and groups. However, if/as you have specific thoughts that you would like to share with the Council, please feel free to contact one of the Co-Chairs:

Joshua Powers          Elonda Ervin
x2900 x8513