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Indiana Council of Teachers of English

Indiana Council of Teachers of English

What is the Indiana Council of Teachers of English (ICTE)?

ICTE is an organization rich in history. The Indiana council was among the charter members in the foundation of the National Council of Teachers of English. Since 1911, the council has been the leading instrument in communication among the state's classroom teachers of English/language arts and Indiana's collegiate teachers who prepare the next generation for our profession.

Over those ninety-plus years, the Indiana Council-the official affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English-has celebrated the achievements of great teachers and students. The council continues to sponsor dialogue on issues significant to English and language arts teachers. The traditions of ICTE-its publications, booktalks, honors and awards-reflect the traditions of NCTE: we exist to promote literacy in our schools, our homes, and our public life.

Honors and Awards

ICTE resumed the presentation of two teaching awards in 2004-05. The Hoosier Teacher of English Award may be granted to an ICTE member of two year's tenure whose "main activity must be in the field of English." The E.H. Kemper McComb Award honors not only teaching, but service and leadership within the profession. This award is only granted to an ICTE member of at least 10 years of service. Nomination forms may be acquired from Laurel Steill, 516 East Jefferson St., Columbia City, IN 46725 or printed from this website.

The council continues to coordinate state competitions in the NCTE sponsored student writing contests: Promising Young Writers (grade 8) and The Achievement Awards in Writing (grade 11). Consult the NCTE website for guidelines and due dates.

The Indiana Council has been one of the most assertive affiliates to recognize achievements of teachers through the NCTE awards programs. In the last two years, Hoosier teachers have been celebrated through these awards: Teachers for the Dream (affiliate grant), Outstanding Teacher of English (secondary section), Leadership (for new teachers), and Intellectual Freedom (SLATE).

Dr. Nan McEntire