University Faculty Senate


bullet item2015 nomination form
bullet itemE-CAPS-6 FS Existing Course Modification Form
bullet itemExpedited Process (GE 2000 to FS)
bullet itemSchneirov Report on Adjunct and Special Purpose Faculty
bullet itemBiennial Evaluation Procedures Approved October 2, 2014
bullet itemISU Recruiting Strategy (PowerPoint)
bullet item Section 305 Current Language
bullet item Proposed Changes to Section 305 Drafted 03-11-15
bullet item Current Side-by-Side Proposed Language, Existing Handbook Language, and FAC Recommendations 03-17-15
bullet item Proposed Section 305 Revised 03-24-15
bullet item Section 305 Side-by-Side as of 03-24-15
bullet item Proposed Executive Committee Recommendation Draft 04-01-15
bullet item Section 305 Side-by-Side as of 03-31-15