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Taking Classes Elsewhere
For ISU Credit

Review the requirements below regarding taking classes elsewhere for ISU credit.

Taking Classes At Another Campus

Students taking classes at another campus may be eligible to complete a consortium agreement—an agreement between two universities that allows students to use financial aid for concurrent enrollment. Please note that most aid programs, including loans, have specific minimum enrollment requirements. Please visit Types of Aid for more information about our aid programs.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for financial aid for classes taken at another University, students must do the following:

  1. Complete the Consortium Agreement Form, including all five required fields:
    • The student's signature;
    • Written confirmation from a Dean or the Department Chair stating that enrollment is acceptable for ISU credit requirements;
    • Budget information as provided by the Host School's Financial Aid Office; and
    • Approval from ISU's Office of Student Financial Aid.

  2. Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
  3. Be admitted as a degree-seeking student at ISU;
  4. Provide a copy of their class schedule and bill from the host school; and
  5. Arrange for academic transcripts to be sent to the home school at the end of the semester.

Failure to meet these requirements may result in loss of financial aid eligibility. ISU also reserves the right to decline any consortium agreement on a case-by-case basis. Consortium agreements should be submitted within 21 days of the completion of the semester in order to allow adequate time for processing.

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Study Abroad

Interested in study abroad? Most programs qualify for financial aid eligibility while students are studying abroad. Contact your financial aid office early to determine your financial aid eligibility. All students studying abroad will need to complete a Study Abroad Course Approval Form. This form must include:

  1. Study Abroad term
  2. Number of courses you plan to take and total number of semester hours you will be enrolled in
  3. Course numbers and titles of all enrolled classes
  4. Signatures of: student, academic advisor, and ISU Study Abroad representative

In addition to the above form, students need to make sure they have a current FAFSA on file. Students who will be using loan funds to cover their expenses will need to complete an Undergraduate Stafford Loan Request Form and/or a Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan Request Form if a student's parent is borrowing funds to help with expenses.

PLEASE NOTE: Financial aid does not disburse to student accounts until 10 days prior to the study abroad class start date. Students will need to be prepared to make certain program payments in advance of receiving their financial aid. Contact the Study Abroad Director at (812) 237-3427 for more information.

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Other Enrollment Types

The following types of enrollment are not eligible for financial aid:

  • Courses taken while still in high school;
  • Enrollment in college courses while the student is incarcerated;
  • Year-based distance education courses with an open start date (section 620);
  • Certificate or licensure programs other than an initial certification to teach;
  • LEAP, AOP, or other summer-only programs;
  • Internship, co-op, research, or other experiential credit that is not reported in recognized registration credit hours; or
  • Independent study correspondence courses.

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