Foundational Studies Council

Time: Council meets on Thursdays from 3:30-4:30pm except for when the University Faculty Senate is in Session in stalker hall 211.

Executive Leadership
Name Role EXT Email
Christopher Fischer Chair Person 2717
Darlene Hantzis Vice Chair Person
Linda Sperry Secretary 2832
Voting Members
Name Department EXT Email
Leslie Barratt Non-Native Language 2677
Ralph Oberste-Vorth Quantitative Literacy and Mathematics 2126
Chris Fischer Historical Studies 2717
Russell Stafford Laboratory Sciences 2261
JaDora Sailes Social or Behavioral Sciences 2872
Darlene Hantzis Communication
Brian Kilp Fine and Performing Arts 2759
Linda Maule University College Dean, Foundational Studies 3940
Linda Behrendt Health and Wellness 2171
Linda Sperry Global Perspectives and Cultural Diversity 2832
Kate Fredlund Composition and Literary Studies 3079
Herschel Chait Scott College of Business- At Large 2086
Rolland McGiverin Library - At Large 2615
Cindy Crowder College of Technology - At Large 2650
Name Department EXT Email
Kara Harris College of Technology 2987
Bruce McClaren College of Business 3606
Jerry Boyd/
Liz Brown
College of Arts and Sciences 2781/ 2784
Yasenka Peterson College of Nursing, Health and Human Services 3105
Denise Collins College of Education 2918
Cindy Otts/
Stacey Hogue
Registrar 8690/ 8456

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