IX. Fine and Performing Arts


No special policy.


One course (select from ART 151, ARTE 390, COMM 240, COMM 436, ENG 219, MUS 150, MUS 233, MUS 236, MUS 333, THTR 150, or THTR 174).

Learning Objectives

  1. Demonstrate aesthetic responsiveness and interpretive ability.
  2. Connect works of art to their literary, cultural, and historical contexts.
  3. Employ knowledge of the arts to analyze issues and answer questions relating to human experience, systems, and the physical environment, and
  4. Reflect on themselves as products of and participants in traditions of the fine and performing arts.

Skill Applied Learning Requirements

  1. Explicitly demonstrate how the curriculum will develop critical thinking skills.
  2. Explicitly demonstrate how the curriculum will develop information literacy skills.
  3. Include a graded writing component, which whenever possible is developmental.

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