General honors (GH) classes

Previously Offered general honors (GH) classes

General Honors (GH) courses are the heart of the University Honors Program curriculum and feature small class sizes, dedicated faculty members, interdisciplinary perspectives, active learning and an exciting array of topics. These classes can be accessed by searching under University Honors in the catalog. The following is an example of a General Honors (GH) course that has been offered in the past. This course may or may not be offered again.

GH 301 - the biology of love and sex

The need to find and seduce a mate is one of the most powerful forces in biology.  In this course we will examine the biological factors contributing to an organism’s “success” in finding and seducing a mate (i.e. in love and sex).  We will adopt a broad perspective, examining a variety of strategies in both human and animal systems. 


A sampling of the topics we will cover include … 

  • how genes affect pair-bonding

  • why children use the opposite sex parent as a template for a partner

  • why short women with long legs are the most attractive

  • how pill use affects partner choice

  • why symmetry is sexy

  • why, in most species, faithfulness is indeed a fantasy

Instructor: Dr. elaina m. tuttle