Please join us for Indiana State University’s annual Take Back the Night march and rally Wednesday, Nov. 15. The event is a nationwide movement to end gendered violence (rape, sexual assault, stalking, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, etc.).                             

The theme of this year’s Take Back the Night event is #We Hear You! 

The itinerary for the event is:

           5:00-6:00 pm (DEDE II and III)-Resource Fair and Art Show

           6:00-6:30 pm (DEDE I) Rally (an indoor rally)

           6:30-7:00 pm (campus) March


“1 in 3 women worldwide experience some form of sexual violence or intimate partner violence. 1 in 6 men experience sexual violence. Less than 50% of victims report these crimes.”  -


Date:        November 9, 2017

Time:        2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Location:  Parsons Hall Conference Room 210

Available Seats: 20

Today, on campus you must challenge yourself and others to develop the capacity and courage to show up as effective allies to create greater equity and inclusion on your campus. Too often, the burden to speak up, raise issues and confront microaggressions falls on members of marginalized groups. Most members of privileged groups believe they have little role or responsibility in advocating for significant change in organizational structures, policies, or campus climate, and therefore do nothing.

Join us on November 9, 2017 and hear from expert presenters Dr. Kathy Obear – Co-founder of the Social Justice Training Institute and author of In It for The Long Haul: Overcoming Burnout and Passion Fatigue as Social Justice Change Agents – and Dr. Tanya Williams – the Lead Consultant for Authentic Coaching and Consulting – on why it's critical that everyone shows up and does their part.

You'll be able to help your members of privileged groups overcome their fear of "doing it wrong" or being called out, or moving too quickly and taking over while falling into the "savior" trap. You'll also be able to help marginalized group members be ready to hold allies accountable in an authentic and honest way.

It takes skill, self-work and clear intention to show up as an effective ally and consistently partner with others to effectively create change. Recognize the common traps and pitfalls of well-intentioned people that undermine efforts to create meaningful inclusion on your campus.

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