Nathaniel Brown

Nate Brown 

Nathaniel Brown, MA, NSCA-CPT
Arena C - 37
Phone: 812.237.2947
Email: Nathaniel.Brown@indstate.edu

Nate Brown is an Indiana State University 2005 graduate with a BS in Exercise Science and a 2007 graduate with a masters in Biomechanics/Exercise Science. He has been a certified personal trainer since 2007 and has worked with all demographics, from children to elderly, fitness models to extreme weight loss clients. 

He is currently training as an Amateur bodybuilder and teaches the Human Physiology labs, along with some weight lifting courses and bowling courses.  He also manages the fitness facility at Sony DADC in Terre Haute where he utilizes interns to learn about the corporate fitness world.  Nate is also a faculty member for Club KRS, the student organization for the department.